most witches don't believe in gods. they know that the gods exist, of course. they even deal with them occasionally. but they don't believe in them. they know them too well. it would be like believing in the postman.

life goal: become the neighbourhood witch

Kristen Stewart photographed by David Slade

Anonymous asked: lydia martin, susan pevensie, raven reyes

oooh, so close with lydia and susan (i have too many favourites, don’t i), but raven is spot on. i fell really hard for her, really fast.

  1. allison argent
  2. raven reyes
  3. clarke griffin
  4. bellamy blake
  5. kate bishop
  6. buffy summers
  7. .
  8. .
  9. ginny weasley
  10. erica reyes


get to know me meme: [4/5] favorite tv shows » Haven

You know I was thinking about how there are two different Havens. There’s the one that’s right beneath the surface and there’s the one right underneath that.

Anonymous asked: could you give me a clue for the favourite characters list? fandom/genre/etc?

okey dokey…

i’ll give you the fandoms for each, shall i? in no particular order, teen wolf, the 100, the chronicles of narnia.

hope that helps


1x10 | 1x12

manycoloureddays asked: clarke/raven- iron (wo)man au (raven as a slightly more well adjusted version of stark, with clarke as pepper)- i dunno, i haven't really thought the dynamic through, but raven/iron woman is a lot. c/r- post 1x13, friendship & respect becomes more post Mt Weather, leaning on each other, leading together (pre meeting up with bellamy and finn/or the boys didn't make it)- not sure if these prompts are helpful or interesting, but i love your writing, and i love this ship-i hope you feel better soon


Tin Woman

“You’re forgetting I don’t have a heart anymore.” Raven points out, waving the soldering gun in the general direction of the round light emanating from her chest.

“You’re hardly heartless, Raven,” Clarke says. “That organ doesn’t mean you can’t feel emotions or be hurt. And building these flying iron suits doesn’t mean you’re invincible.”

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Adelaide Kane as Steph Fareri in Louder Than Words (2013)

How is someone raised beneath the floor not a total basket case?

Who says I’m not?

Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.
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