most witches don't believe in gods. they know that the gods exist, of course. they even deal with them occasionally. but they don't believe in them. they know them too well. it would be like believing in the postman.

life goal: become the neighbourhood witch

Teen Wolf Alphabet Meme  ± Crimson Cora [Cora + the color red]

If no one is standing beside you, be still and know I am ()



Because they were always heroes, even before they officially became them.

Kat Graham - Portraits @ Comic Con in San Diego 07/26/14


raven reyes meme — favorite quotes (1/4)

"Hurry up and save the world, right?"


novel about a morally grey pirate captain who is cursed to die within 5 years for stealing some forbidden treasure, and only giving her heart to someone and expecting nothing back can break the curse

but rather than go on some journey to find some true love or whatever, she decides to use her last years to travel the seas with her crew and collect treasure and drink and be merry

and on the day of reckoning, she is falling more and more ill, and her crew gather all around her to say goodbye to their captain when suddenly the curse is broken. because she gave her whole heart to her ship and her crew, and expected nothing back.

Minerva McDoneWithYourShit

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